The Internationalization of OPUS to Canada

The Internationalization of OPUS to Canada

The landing of one of the best software development companies in Brazil in Canadian lands

When it realized the international market was open to its services, OPUS Software decided to expand its business to other countries. Without a clear idea of ​​how to start internationalizing, they needed support to lead them on this journey and that’s where Sterna came in.

In 2019 the company began the internationalization process, which according to OPUS Director of Operations, Edison Kalaf, was conducted in a pragmatic and purposeful manner by Sterna.

“Sterna helped us to be clear about the reason and objectives of internationalization. Then we had to choose the country. I remember that we had three possibilities and Sterna helped us analyze the best option based on the size of the market, costs, market opportunities, as well as the degree of easiness to open the company. Deep down, Sterna taught us the elements we needed to go international”, he highlights.

The country chosen for the expansion was Canada, both because of the opportunities that the market offered and because of the ease of commercial approaches within the country.

In this context, Sterna’s presence in all stages of internationalization was crucial. “We were at events in Canada with Sterna and there we met important people in the market. The Consul of Canada in Brazil visited our company, we went to events at the Consulate and then a very good relationship was created between the players. All this thanks to networking and Sterna’s specific technical knowledge”, recalls Edison Kalaf.

Before the pandemic, OPUS followed an extensive prospecting schedule in Canadian lands and, with the need for isolation, it was necessary to pause this process. During this period, the company took on the role of retaining professionals in the country. Now, with a resumption plan and more experienced about the market, Edison Kalaf says that there are plans to invest again in the company’s expansion in Canada.

When asked about advice he would give to anyone wishing to go international, the executive is practical. “We consider the idea of ​​internationalization very good. It is important to have access to strong currencies and more stable markets. But internationalization is not simple, you need to understand the culture, know how people work, habits and established conventions and this requires investment and energy. So, it is necessary to put energy into this process, you need to invest and continue this endeavor over time”, he concludes.

“Opus Software was already a very mature and consolidated company when we started working with them in the Brazilian market. So starting a globalization journey involved developing a global mindset in the team and also designing a strategy that made sense for the moment of the company. The partners’ immersion trip was a very rich experience, where they could actually participate in local events and develop these connections that are so rich in the Canadian market. So we saw a lot of growth in Opus’ international journey”.

Raquel Kibrit, CEO of Sterna

What can you learn from this case?

Visiting the place where you want to open your operation is fundamental for the projection exercise, so that you can see yourself in the place you chose and make the opportunities tangible, in addition, of course, to validate what you have planned.

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